How to design your PCB better


Trade-off between designers in all design rules, taking into account the performance, cost, technology and so on, both to the PCB layout reasonably tidy, and not as simple as it seems, need more wisdom. Below we will talk about design time to develop good work habits, and will make your design more rational, easier and better.

A good ORCAD

Many engineers believe that some layout work is more important, ORCAD is to build network table to check PCB. In fact, in follow-up circuit debugging ORCAD functions will be larger. Whether it is to find the problem and colleagues, ORCAD is more intuitive and more convenient. Marked in the ORCAD and hierarchical schematics is a good habit.

A good PCB layout

Anxious engineers finish ORCAD, eager to import network into PCB and could not wait to put the device away, and began to pull line. In fact, a good PCB layout can lets your pull work easier, and to make your PCB work better.

More consideration for others, the less his work

When in PCB design, as much as possible taking into account some end-user demand. If you are designing a mass-produced product, you've got to thinking more about the problems you will encounter on the lines and devices of the same type to the same direction, spacing is appropriate, the processes of the Board width, and so on. Consider these issues sooner, will not affect subsequent designs, can also reduce the workload and the number of modifications of back support. Looks started to spend more time on design, in fact reduces their follow-up workload.

Details determine success or failure

PCB design is a delicate work, need is care and patience. Started design novices frequently mistake is the details of the error. Device PIN wrong device packaging wrong, pin painted upside down in the order, and so on, some of which can be solved through the fly line, some may let a board directly into a waste product.In the actual work, if you can pay attention to some problems mentioned above, develop a good work habits at work, I believe along with personal capacity increased steadily, will do more good design.More PCB post




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