IPC release new PCB library file and PCB pad standard IPC-7351


IPC-® and PCB Libraries recently put together a new version of the Association built library, and more powerful PCB construction tools, in support of the IPC-7351 surface mount design and land pattern standard general requirements for users to develop operational requirements. IPC-7351B the PCB library file export tools, including new pad over more than 5,000 components calculation tools. New construction in accordance with regulatory requirements in IPC-7351B."The Footprint Expert tools to one of the most obvious characteristics, is can the pad shape automatically according to the different CAD formats. "PCB Libraries Corporation's founder and CEO Tom Hausherr says," for electronic product development automation development with the IPC standards, I am very pleased. We have been tirelessly promoting the development of design and PCB CAD libraries. "CAD formats supported by this tool are: Allegro, and OrCAD PCB, and OrCAD Layout, CADint, and Altium, DesignSpark and the Expedition and the PADS Layout, and CADSTAR, CR-5000, Pantheon, and Pulsonix, and P-CAD, and SoloPCB, and Ultiboard, and Target3001! , EAGLE, DipTrace etc. Technical project manager John Perry reminiscent of the IPC and IPC PCB Libraries in support IPC-7351B software development cooperation partners, the company, said, "released in 2005 the IPC-7351 standard, IPC PCB Libraries and companies began with the pad calculation tool for cooperation. Standard has been updated twice so far, PCB Libraries for the IPC-7351 company provides users with the technical support and software updates. IPC was happy to IPC-7351 with PCB Libraries company standard updates. ”




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