Higher-order data transfer standard


Since the 70 's, PCB designers and manufacturers clamored for smooth automatic standards in the process of transferring files. Recent IPC-2581B, Generic Requirements for Printed Board Assembly Products Manufacturing Description Data and Transfer ,in the automated file transfer direction have come a long way, the electronics industry's changing requirements means there will be more meetings, standard updates.IPC-2581B says, Gerber files are considered to be new and exciting new initiatives. An attendees Texas has since released last month, has been closely involved in the party when a vertically integrated company with Gerber files from their design team's data into their manufacturing facilities."There are a lot of steps, we tried to simplify and standardize information and instructions passed mission," diteer·bogeman, Ambassador IPC solution, "said a few years ago, electronic and mechanical parts of the design is completely separated. Now they are getting closer together, they will be more in the future.Bergman's surrounded by those who think a neutral data format standards that benefit many people. Now he sees that trend intensified, these efforts will eventually begin to be widely used in the industry.




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